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    Heikki is the partner of H&H Advisors. Heikki has over 30 years of experience working in corporate leadership and management in the pulp and paper industry both domestically and internationally. He has a solid track record of planning and executing successful profitability turnaround projects, growth strategies, manufacturing and investment projects, sales and marketing operations, and mergers and acquisitions.

    Heikki primarily works with C-suite executives, private equity investors and SME owners in projects that relate to his core area of expertise, always with the objective to help his clients grow and scale their businesses in a profitable manner.

    Heikki holds an M.Sc. in pulp and paper technology from Aalto University in Finland, with additional MBA studies from Aalto University and IMD in Switzerland.

    For more, see Heikki’s LinkedIn profile.

  • Services

    Client C-suite executives PE investors SME owners
    Focus areas
    • Strategic renewal
    • Business performance improvements
    • Operational improvements
    • Deal sourcing
    • Deal feasibility assessment
    • Post-transaction advisory work
    • Strategic advisory and board work
    • Preparatory assistance prior to a sale or exit
    • Post-transaction advisory work
    Reference clients
  • Process

    C-suite executives

    • Strategic renewal. Growth, scaling, m&a, exit planning, implementation of strategic plans.
    • Business performance improvements. Profitability, sales performance, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, leadership and management.
    • Operational improvements. Production efficiency, cost development, feasibility of investments, machine conversions, product portfolio development.

    PE investors

    • Deal sourcing. Focus on the Nordic and European market and XYZ industries.
    • Deal feasibility assessment. Review of the target company’s business and operations and proposition of how it aligns with the long-term business objective of the investor.
    • Post-transaction advisory work. Help with the implementation of strategic objectives post-acquisition.

    SME owners

    • Strategic advisory and board work. Improve profitability of existing lines of business and assistance with expanding to new lines of business.
    • Preparatory assistance prior to a sale or exit. Seek out potential buyers from H&H Advisors PE clients and other industrial buyers and help with preparation of marketing material.
    • Post-transaction advisory work. Help with the implementation of strategic objectives post-acquisition.
  • Client testimonials

    Market feasibility study for a large scale investment

    Mondi is a leading global producer in packaging and paper products, employing around 26,000 people across more than 30 countries. Mondi is integrated across the packaging and paper value chain-from managing forests and producing pulp, paper, and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions.

    “We contacted H&H Advisors to function as an external advisor for a strategic investment project. The role of H&H Advisors was to make a global market report of a specific segment. The report should give an overall picture of the developments and future of the market and provide a solid basis for business evaluation. H&H Advisors also reviewed and supported us in building an asset-based CapEx plan, production model including products, fixed and variable costs, ramp-up plan, and KPIs for the first five years of production. Finally, they reviewed the final feasibility study for the evaluated business.

    H&H Advisors conducted the project in a professional and timely manner. We were satisfied with the work done and can imagine using the services also in the future. We can warmly recommend the company’s professional advisory services for industrial manufacturing companies.”

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